Janet Murray

Role: General Manager

John Tram

Role: Program Director Men's Head Coach
It is quite a feat to attempt to cram in all that John has done and experienced in the sport of gymnastics. He began his life (and future career) with the YKGC when he was a tot over 20 years ago. He is the YKGC most distinguished gymnast, having earned numerous medals at national competitions. His athletic accomplishments aside, he continuously gave back to our Club. He is heading into at least his 12th year of coaching and he has energy to rival his gymnasts! His athletes continuously prove to be strong, successful gymnasts. John is also our highest ranked judge, having his Women’s Provincial level III and Men’s National level Judging certifications. John is our Men's Competitive Program Coordinator.

Shiri MacPherson

Role: Coach
Coach-In-Training Born and raised Yellowknifer, Shiri has been a member of the YKGC’s Women’s Competitive Team since 2011. Shiri chose to try gymnastics because it is a unique sport to her. Shiri has an honest passion for working with kids and helping them reach their goals. When she isn’t training 16 hours a week, you can find her volunteering her time on Saturdays, helping our coaches, volunteering with Y Mentors, SPCA, Folk on the Rocks, Relay for Life, Terry Fox run, Me to We, among other organizations and events. Neat fact: Shiri plays the guitar!

Dasha Basargina

Role: Coach
She’s been a member of our Women’s Competitive Team since 2012. She chose gymnastics because it’s fun and challenging. One of her favourite things to do at gymnastics is floor because she can tumble! She likes to help kids get better at gymnastics, which is why you can find her at the Club on Saturdays helping out our coaches. Neat fact: Dasha can dislocate her shoulders!

Jessica Gravel

Role: Recreational Director/Coach
Qualifications: Active Start, Foundations, Comp 1 certified, Trampoline/ Trampoline 2 Trained. Jessica has been with the gymnastics club as recreational, competitive athlete from 1990-2002 and as a part time coach since 2003. She has taken time off to focus on her family. Rejoining the team as a full time coach since August 2016. Jessica has work with all ages of our members. Jessica enjoys spending time with her 3 young children, playing outside, going to the park and any winter activity. On her very limited down time, she enjoys reading, watching movies and looking up new gymnastics drills and activities. Growing up in the north and raising her children in Yellowknife, she knows the importance of family, community and taking time to appreciate your surroundings.

Dylan Harker

Role: Coach
Role: Coach/ Camp Counsellor Qualifications: Artistic Dylan is one of our bilingual Camp Counsellors. She has participated in gymnastics camp in the past, and wanted to share her knowledge with younger children.Dylan has been apart of the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club for the past year, working both the Summer Camp, and Winter Camp. The YKGC is always happy to have her!

Jose Carlos Esteban

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundations, Comp 1, Trampoline 1, Active Start, Artistic With a Major in Physical Education, and minor in History, Jose is an excellent addition to the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club. Going on his 6th year as a coach,he offers a welcoming presence for the Summer Camp students. Joses skills extend far beyond coaching, He’s also a support worker for the Yellowknife Association for Community Living. As for the hobbies he enjoys in his free time, Jose enjoys cooking, photography,Reading, running, and dogs! We can’t wait to Welcome him back for the following Summer

Jonathan Geraci

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Active Start, Foundations, Acro, Jonathan has been coaching Summer Camp for the past seven years. When he isn’t facilitating camp activities, he can be found coaching the Tumble Bugs class, And beginner gymnastics. Jonathan is a family guy who enjoys the outdoors, is a Red Cross instructor, and has also taught at a high school & college level. When he has free time, Jonathan can be found exploring the outdoors, playing the guitar, or even just relaxing with a good book. Did we mention he is also apart of the Yellowknife Search and Rescue team? Fun Fact: Jonathan can play the pocket bagpipe. How awesome is that!

Quin Chiasson

Role: Coach
Qualifications : Foundations, Active Start Artistic, Com 1, Trampoline 1 & 2 Quin has been apart of the YKGC for the past three summers, and Is one of our gym’s Dance and Choreographer Coach! Having grown up in Yellowknife, Quin has started out her career as a competitive gymnast for approximately 10 years, and is now sharing her passion for the sport with our younger generation of athletes. She has also represented the NWT at The Arctic Winter Games in 2010, and the 2016 JO8 Westerns Team. Did we mention she has also majored in Dance at the Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. What doesn’t she do!

Lara Escalante

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundations Intro, Theory. Lara has been a CIT (coach in training) for the past 2.5 years, and Wonderful asset to the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club. Being a competitive gymnast since she was 7, she enjoys spending most of her time at the club. When she isn’t here, providing our youth with valuable support, Lara enjoys spending her free time with family & friends, and reading a good book.

Caedyn Campbell

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundations, Artistic, Active Start, Comp 1, Trampoline 1 & 2 Born in Inuvik , Caedyn and her family moved to Yellowknife when she started Kindergarten. She has been a competitive gymnast for 10 years, And even went on to compete in the 2010,and 2012 Arctic Winter Games! Caedyn has been coaching gymnastics for the past 3 years in the North, and Vancouver. She enjoys working with the younger athletes as they progress within their level. Her favourite part is seeing their reaction when they master their skills! Caedyn is an mentor, and the YKGC wouldn’t be the same without her.

Jenna Orr

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundations, Artistics Jenna is now in her second year as a camp counselor at the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club. She is one of our many bi-lingual coaches, who can aid in the comfort of our French speaking athletes. She enjoys working with the younger kids in all aspects of the sport. Jenna plays Volleyball in her spare time, along with practicing the Piano.

Scott Jordison

Role: Coach
Scott began his acrobatic career by studying at the National Circus School in Montreal at the age of 25. Five years after he began his training, he performed and taught for 8 years. In 2010, he and his family moved to Yellowknife, where he found a connection with our Club. He is now training to be a level I Artistic Gymnastics Coach. He is very excited to be a part of our programs and to offer the youth of Yellowknife the opportunity to learn some gymnastics.

Kayla Sanderson

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Artistic, Trampoline 1 Fluent in both French and English, Kayla has plenty of experience in childcare, which translates well into the role of Camp counselor here at the YKGC. She was worked the past Summer Camp along with the Winter Camp at the gym. She enjoys working with kids, and guiding them through new skills. In her spare time, Kayla is an avid Volleyball participant.

Markus Cluff

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Artistic, Trampoline 1 When Markus was younger, he was enrolled into the Gymnastics Club programs. he’s an active member in the hockey community. Having both played. And coached hockey camps, Markus makes an excellent addition to the YKGC Summer Program. He has also refereed for Hockey Canada/NWT. Markus enjoys participating in sports, and coaching younger kids. Yellowknife Gymnastics is happy to have Markus on the team!

Rana Jalil Aga

Role: Coach
Rana represented YKGC for a few years as a competitive gymnast, and now enjoys inspiring the younger athletes through coaching. You can see her working our holiday camps when she is on break from her studies.

Heather Kimmins

Role: Coach
Role: Coach/Camp Counselor Qualifications: Artistic, Trampoline 1 Heather is currently attending Pearson College UWC in Victoria, Bc. She has been a camp counsellor for the Summer Camp program there for the past three summers. She joined the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club to gain more experience in the sport, and to continue her work with children. She has such a wonderful way of connecting with all the children here at YKGC! When Heather isn’t at the club, she enjoys spending her free time with friends and family. We can’t wait for Heather to return for another season.

Annie Casson

Role: Coach
Before her coaching career began, Annie was a competitive gymnast for 16 years. She has 14 years of coaching experience behind her belt! Of those 14 years, the past 5 years has been at our very own Yellowknife Gymnastics Club. When she’s not in the Gym, you can find her teaching at K'àlemì Dene School in N’Dilo and playing with her son. “I am excited to be coaching the adult class because I believe that gymnastics is a lifelong sport! Even grownups need to flip upside down every now and then!”

Braiden Charlton

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundations, Artistic, Trampoline 1 Braiden has had plenty of experience with babysitting young children. He has decided to join the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club so that he can expand his knowledge of the sport, and grow as youth/child counselor. When it comes new games, and training techniques, Braiden is always eager to learn. Some of his hobbies include staying active through sports, hanging out with his friends, and school.

Lindsey Malloux

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundations, Trampoline 1, Active Start Lindsey was a gymnast when she was younger. She has been a Summer Camp counsellor for the past year, along with Winter Camp. She has chosen to work at the Club to further her knowledge of working with youth. In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys playing Soccer, and hanging out with her family, and friends.

Chris Yurris

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Artistic, Trampoline 1 Chris has chosen to work at the Yellowknife Gymnastics Club for the active environment, and the opportunity to gain experience working with children. Chris has such an enthusiastic personality! Some of his hobbies include sports, painting, nature walks, and music. He has a strong interest in Politics, and history. Fun Fact: Chris is off to St. Francis Xavier University to study Political Sciences starting in the Fall of 2017. The YKGC wishes him all the best!

Jackie Ramirez

Role: Coach
Qualifications: Foundation's, Artistic Jackie has been a camp counselor at the Yellowknife gymnastics for the past year. She has chosen to work at the YKGC to further her experience working with youth, And small children. She enjoys helping children excel in their skills, and free play. During her free time, she enjoys relaxing at home, and hanging out with friends. We can’t wait to have her smiling face back next summer!

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